About us


Exacube Training Institute (ETI) is a Propriety Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment company founded in 2010 as a professional Agriculture Training and Consulting Institution. We are a fully-fledged registered training and mentors provider, accredited by AGRISETA and land restoration consultants (Agrarian & Land reforms). We have fully qualified mentor, consultants and accredited trainers, with many years working experience in the agricultural arena. Our intention is to provide and promote education in the agriculture sector to previously and currently disadvantaged communities. We aim to initiate, develop and uplift life skills in local and rural communities which were affected by the legacy of the apartheid era which still exists even today in terms of commonly held notion regarding the superiority of exclusive education and usefulness of special education

Exacube Training Institute is proud it’s self with past, current and present project to date, the following are just part of project managed by us

Institutional training

The focus of this training is to build and strengthen organizational capacity, understanding and transformation. The key focus areas are;

  • Good governance, accountability and integrity

  • Transformation and long-term sustainability

  • The cooperative agenda for economic growth